Fall down seven times, get up eight.

Hello, When I was younger I firmly would not believe in the saying everything happens for a reason. To this day there will be a few events in my life which I have no reasoning for and if there was a reasoning I wouldn't want to hear it because to me it shouldn't have happened. … Continue reading Fall down seven times, get up eight.

June Favourites 

Hello, This month has been the first month that I feel hasn't rushed by - I think that's to do with the heat and all those gorgeous days where I've been at work and not in the sun, ha! Blogging about my monthly favourites are my favourite kind of blogs, do enjoy! Beauty  I had … Continue reading June Favourites 

Summer Survival Guide

It's official summer is here - the days are getting longer, warmer and a lot more enjoyable. We wait all year for Summer to finally come round so we can enjoy the best things in life - holidays with family and friends, BBQ teas, late night walks, water fights, ice cold drinks and so much … Continue reading Summer Survival Guide

Long Weekend Recap

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had a lovely bank holiday weekend - I really don't feel like doing too much today. We've had a pretty busy 4 day weekend so today I thought I would have a laid back Wednesday - it's been forever since I had one of those.  I also thought that it has been a … Continue reading Long Weekend Recap

Make Your Own Gluten Free Bread

Hello all,  Being a coeliac sucks when it comes to bread - it's one of the things  I miss the most. Finding a gluten free bread fluffy and soft is so difficult because gluten helps build the elastic texture making it extensible. I tend to go for Warburtons Gluten Free White Farmhouse Loaf when it … Continue reading Make Your Own Gluten Free Bread

May Favourites

Hello lovelies, I'm really excited to show you all my favourites this month - I can't believe how quickly this year is going it's so scary. This morning my timehop said a year ago today I submitted my last project for University - how was that a year ago?! Everything seems to happen in a blink … Continue reading May Favourites

Facial Steaming at Home

Hello lovelies, Everyone dreams of winning the lottery, flash cars, big houses whilst I'm over here simply wishing I had flawless skin... I've recently added facial steaming to my skincare regime and I really am beginning to see a difference in my skin. I have chosen to purchase the Visiq facial steamer from Argos however it isn't … Continue reading Facial Steaming at Home

Beauty Tag w/Zaisnapz

Hello everyone, Happy Sunday! Hope you're having chilled one -  we're having a film night on sofa filled with snugs and cuppas - the best kind of nights! Today, me and Zaisnapz have been busy creating a beauty tag. Zaisnapz created 15 beauty related questions and we both answered them, hope you enjoy! 1. Do you remember … Continue reading Beauty Tag w/Zaisnapz

Easter and April loving

Hello, Happy Easter to you lovely lot! Hope you've had a fab long weekend with loved ones filled with loads of food. I do love Easter - the long weekend, the lamb roast dinner, being able to eat too much chocolate and not be judged because it's Easter and that's the Easter rules, am I … Continue reading Easter and April loving

Favourite 3 gluten free go to’s 

Hi everyone.  I've been diagnosed with coeliac disease for 2 years now. Throughout these 2 years I've learnt so much about the disease and more importantly the way my body chooses to work. Once I was initially diagnosed with the disease I was so unsure of what I could snack on - until I was … Continue reading Favourite 3 gluten free go to’s