June Favourites 


This month has been the first month that I feel hasn’t rushed by – I think that’s to do with the heat and all those gorgeous days where I’ve been at work and not in the sun, ha! Blogging about my monthly favourites are my favourite kind of blogs, do enjoy!


I had a new start to June – from hair touching just above my belly button to shoulder length!

A change was needed since I haven’t had anything done to it for a while. I am so lucky though my hair grows incredibly quick – I like a nice change everyone once in a while.

With the weather getting warmer and our skin finally getting some sun it’s so important we are looking after ourselves properly (Summer Survival Guide). With this being said, who does not want a tan, am I right? 

Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Self Tan RRP; £5.50

To even out my summer tan I’ve been applying Dove DermaSpa Summer Revived Self Tan Lotion with my sun lotion and so far I’m very happy with the results. As well as a Self Tan lotion it is also a cell-moisturiser – keeping your skin hydrated all day. This is my summer go to and for the price it is so worth it.

My final beauty love this month has to be Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula.

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula RRP; £5.69

It’s brilliant for my sensitive skin – the formula carries vitamin E which softens and relieves the skin with a 24 hour hold. I use this to moisturise my face and body daily. It smells amazing too! I would certainly recommend for dry and sensitive skin.

It’s officially BBQ weather! My favourite time of the year. I threw a BBQ a few weeks back and it was actually a huge success. Even though I made enough food to feed the street… but I mean apart from that we all had so much fun.


For that  added summer feel I bought these gorgeous glass lemonade bottles and small glass bottles with straws.

Perfect summer touch


So cute, handy and really gave that special touch. I purchased these from Dunelm however are no longer viewing on the website –  buuuuutt I have seen similar ones stocked in quite a few supermarkets.

Another thing I found so cute this month was the Next Home & Fashion catalogs.

I received them in the post this week and I was so surprised. They are hard-backed just like a book. So many things I want to buy in the Home range for our home if only my bank card could cooperate with my ideas…


With the weather warming up I’m trying to keep myself as hydrated as possible – I’ve been absolutely loving watermelon lately it is so cool and refreshing – certainly my summer go to fruit.

My summer go to fruit

So there we go, hope you’ve enjoyed my June favourites – here’s to July!

Lots of love,

Amy X


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