Summer Survival Guide

It’s official summer is here – the days are getting longer, warmer and a lot more enjoyable. We wait all year for Summer to finally come round so we can enjoy the best things in life – holidays with family and friends, BBQ teas, late night walks, water fights, ice cold drinks and so much more. Whilst we are having a great time it is important to remember a few key things about summer especially whilst we are in the sun – here is my Summer Survival Guide!


Skin and Healthcare

Suncream suncream and probably a bit more suncream. UV rays are especially harmful during the summer, most specialists reccommend using (at minumum) SPF 25. They also recommend applying suncream 30 minutes prior to being in the sun and that it should be reapplied every 2 hours.

Mozzies! Mosquito bite’s can be irritable for many people – O type blood groups are mozzies favourites as research suggests they land on O types nearly twice as often as A’s whilst B’s fall in the middle. Boots sell Soltan Protect and Repel Spray SPF30 at £6 this works as a insect repellent and a 5 star suncream – so for those that struggle with mozzies bites in the summer, this product is highly recommended.

If you suffer with ear pain due to flying abroad, from allergies or swimming Boots recommend the EarPopper – it blows a stream of air into the nasal cavity so that when you swallow it clears the middle of the ear, relieving pressure and allowing fluids to drain. Also the Swimseal Ear Drops can be helpful for ‘the swimming pool ear’ – the drops coat the ear canal to help stop water getting trapped and can prevent ear infections.

Sting 101! If you get stung this summer by a wasp or bee, the NHS advises carefully scraping the sting out sideways with something hard-edged – like a bank card. Soothe and treat the sting with any Bite and Sting Relief Antihistamine cream.

Travel sickness! This occurs when there is conflict between what your eyes see and what your inner ears (balance) sense. A few tips to help, try:

  • Opening a window and closing your eyes
  • Distracting yourself with music
  • Avoiding food that’s can upset your tummy
  • Packing – any travel sickness relief tablets

Food and Drink

It is so important to keep hydrated whilst in the sun – when you spend time outside in hot weather you probably start to feel thirsty in a fairly short time. That’s a normal response and one you should pay close attention to – it means your body needs more water to deal with the heat. Ensure you’re drinking plenty water and juices. Iced tea, coffee, and other drinks that contain caffeine are good old-fashioned water when you’re trying to stay hydrated.

Another great way to keep yourself hydrated in the sun is to eat foods like:

  • Watermelon
  • Berries
  • Peaches
  • Nectarines
  • Mango
  • Kiwi
  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes

Also some good alternative sources of water include:

  • Hamburger
  • Chicken breast


So whatever you get up to summer, ensure to look after yourself and have lots of fun!

Speak soon,


Amy X



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