Long Weekend Recap


Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a lovely bank holiday weekend – I really don’t feel like doing too much today. We’ve had a pretty busy 4 day weekend so today I thought I would have a laid back Wednesday – it’s been forever since I had one of those.  I also thought that it has been a while since I chatted away on here to you all – you know putting the world to rights behind a keyboard kind of thing.

We’ve had a great long weekend which started with a gorgeous wedding in Legsby on Saturday which was then followed by a reception at Market Rasen Golf Course. It was my boyfriends, step brother’s wedding and all round a lovely day. I wore a Bridgie Off The Shoulder Floral Midi Dress paired with Robyn Two Part Sandal in nude – holding a Catherine clutch bag.


Wedding Guest Outfit


Wedding Guest Table

I love weddings, everyone gathered together to celebrate the love the couple share for each other – everyone is so happy and emotional at the same time. I was so well looked after in regards to my coeliac – each meal that came out I was one of the first and was ensured it was all gluten free which as a coeliac, it is nice knowing you’re eating food that isn’t going to make you ill (that sucks…) Overall, it was a such a gorgeous day and I loved every moment of it.

Sunday we went exploring, we’ve not long been living around this area – so we decided to go for a spontaneous walk in the sun and I’m so glad we did because it was such a lush walk. When I say walk, it was like 5/6 mile hike – but so much fun!


Wybers Woods, Great Coates, Grimsby


Wybers Woods, Great Coates, Grimsby

The weather here was so warm last week – it’s my week off this week and so far it has rained and been really humid, typical eh! Today looks a bit better (I see sun!) so hopefully I can get out in the garden and erm pretend to cut the grass? But then I find a towel on the grass, so think I should probably test the temperature of this and before we know it I’m burnt from sunbathing for 5 hours, ha!

I literally can’t believe tomorrow is June! Where is this year going? It’s exciting but going so quick. I’ve set myself a goal in June to do a blog post each week – I always feel motivated to do one it’s just finding the time to sit and write. At the moment I’m getting a blog published every 2 weeks roughly – so my goal is to make time for myself to sit and blog weekly.

I  want to finish this blog off touching on the Manchester terror attack that happened last week. It deeply upset me finding out that children and young adults where the targets of this heart breaking event, like it actually turns my stomach that innocent lives have been taken – those poor children, families… there really is just no words – when words fail actions speak –  and Manchester’s actions really tell the story. How strong they stand, united which each other. The amazing hero’s of Manchester that have provided safety and aid to those affected and injured. My heart truly goes out to those families who have been affected and especially to loved ones who’s lives have been lost. You should never go to a concert and not return home..

In times of hatred and fear, we must stand together.


Amy X







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